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There is a convenience fee associated with making a payment using this website, which is separate from the payment obligation that you are paying to Process Server Central. This convenience fee is paid to GovPayNet, a third party processing company. No portion of the convenience fee is sent to Process Server Central as part of your payment.

When You attempt to make a payment through GovPayNet, this means that You agree to the GovPayNet Terms in their entirety and that they are a valid and enforceable agreement between You and GovPayNet. Understanding and agreeing to these Terms of Service is necessary for You to use GovPayNet to make a payment. The Terms can be located HERE . Please read them carefully before attempting to make a payment.

Transaction Range Service Fee Amount
$0.10 > $50.00 $1.50
$50.01 > $75.00 $1.75
$75.01 > $100.00 $3.00
$100.01 > $150.00 $4.00
$150.01 > $200.00 $5.00
Each Additional Increment of $50.00 Add $1.50