Visa and Master Card accepted

Associate Service - $40 per month
The associate service includes:

  • Flat fee per month with no extra charges
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Data management module with instant updates
  • Billing module: accounts receivable / server payables
  • 30/60/90 day accounts receivable past due tracking
  • Individual client account history
  • Monthly & annual revenue history
  • Ability to accept credit card payments (additional fee)
  • Default signature of servers
  • Library
  • Client Login with ability to print SIGNED affidavits 24 / 7
  • Server Login to close jobs from the field.

Standard Service - $70 per month
The standard service includes the associate service features, plus:

  • QuickBooks export application
  • Access to the communications center
  • E-mail SIGNED affidavits & invoices to your clients
  • Messaging center for all subscribers
  • E-mail messages to individual servers and/or clients
  • Trade process service jobs with other subscribers in REAL time
  • Upload documents / photos to a job & view attachments

Professional Service - $120 per month
The professional service includes the standard service features, plus:

  • Internet client order center
  • Your clients can place an order for process service via secured log-in
  • Real time notification of pending orders
  • Client payment via credit card
  • Your clients can upload the service documents to PSC
  • Electronic paperless office environment

Payments could be made via of Visa, Mastercard, check and/or U.S. money order.